A job description is like a sales ad; a poorly written one will turn away valuable prospects, even when the advertised object is of the best quality.
As a company or recruiting firm, you want to ensure your job ads are well written in detail because job descriptions are essential in acquiring the best-suited talents such as your business specifically requires.

Importance of Job Descriptions
  • Job descriptions provide candidates with sufficient information to help them understand their expected responsibilities.
  • They form the foundation from where you develop your interview questions
  • Job descriptions also serve as a benchmark in assessing whether an applicant meets up to expectations.
  • If an employee is falling short, you can use the job description to access where training is needed (performance management).
  • They can help you ensure your staffing and staff duties align with your company’s goals and culture.
  • They give you a legal stance to defend yourself regarding why you employed or turned down an applicant.
  • In evaluating wages, job descriptions offer some context regarding why a position is compensated in a particular way.
  • These precise details can help save time by sorting out potential candidates from generic applicants. Without a clear description, anyone may apply even when they do not have the required skill set because you didn’t specify. And having to go through all the resumes is a waste of valuable time
What a Job Description Ought to Contain

A job description should be a written narrative that outlines the general responsibilities, related duties, and expectations of the candidate.

A typical job description should contain the following sections:

  • Job title
  • A summary of the critical duties
  • The responsibilities in more details
  • A description of the skills, knowledge, and experience required
  • An identification of where the job falls in the organization’s hierarchy
  • The general values all team members should maintain
  • A salary range (nothing too specific).

Whether you’re a staffing agency or a company looking for new labor, always remember that job descriptions create a clear path towards hiring the best-fit candidate that fills the opening.

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  1. Martin
    As an employee I find it rather frustrating when companies list job descriptions without mentioning a salary range. I get it, everything is negotiable and all plus they want to attract the right crowd, but this is one of the most important factors for a lot of people so why skip it? I don’t want to go to ten interviews only to find out the pay barely covers my needs?

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