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Running a company these days is not an easy feat, we know.  There is often a considerable gap between the stars-in your-eyes humble beginnings and the stark reality that nothing in life really comes without hard work.
This becomes even more apparent when your business grows and you need to hire more people.   Not only is it challenging to hire the best applicant for your position, but you also need to remember that employees influence each other, which can affect your turnover over the long run.
Having an expert HR recruiting company can help define who you are, help you understand the value of excellent employees, and maximize your business growth.
The 50 Group LLC, helps you to attract the right kind of people 




  • We’ll help you understand and appreciate the role that HR can play in your company.
  • We do recruitment and selection. Let us help you find the best talent out there, interview the candidates and do the background- and credential checks.
  • We help with complete onboarding: induction programs, training, employee guidelines, contracts, and procedures for discipline.
  • Let your leadership team do what they do best. An in-house HR team will consolidate HR responsibilities and add stability to your company.
  • We know how to evaluate and manage employees. From performance- to career development and training – we’ve got you covered!
  • We help you stay legally compliant. Once you reach a critical number of employees, our HR company can increase compliance, reduce costs, and defray risk.


You are only as strong as your weakest link.
We really think so!
The 50 Group LLC believes the success of your business lies in the strength of your workforce and how they work as a team. So why not acknowledge your employees as your most significant brand managers and treat them as valuable assets?   For this, you need a strong back-office HR team.
The 50 Group LLC is your straightforward and hassle-free solution.   We get to the point fast, and we take no cut as a middleman.  We know how to lead teams and motivate individuals.
Learn to appreciate the value of your human capital with
The 50 Group LLC. It is vital to your company’s success!

Leadership Training

specialized programs designed to help you learn new leadership techniques and new skills to help you run your team.

Corporated Wellness Programs

Engaging and inspiring the community to help make small changes in wellness and health

Program managment

Helping to define and execuate programs and their core value

Team Cohesion

A more effective connection to the team members, developing better inrterpersonnel skills, to accompolish one goal

Improving Resource

Efficency program and toolkits to help better reserve resources . better bottom lines.

Research Strategy

Introducing and researching topics, putting together statements to identify a possible

A Firm Approach


Leading Future Leaders


Services to include

We provide our customers with Luxury service of finding the perfect canadiate for their Permanent needs. 




Employee Relations

Background checks (Criminal, Professional Licensure, Education) 


We believe in diversity throughout the comapny, some of the hardest things most comapnies shy away from is fairness for Afrian American/Indigenous people,  and the LBGT community, we want to bridge the gap to create a more united Equal nation


Leadership training has been around for some time , most companies use this tool to help enhance one’s performance, for potential advancment, its a great tool companies offer, it also encourages teams to reach their highest potentials

Skills Assessment

Most often Employers will use an skills assessment tests  to assest their abilities in critical thinking and help to gauge the current employees and alos Potential Jobseekers. these tests can be anywhere from Math, Typing, Some have even testing in Languages.

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